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Infinitest for Eclipse « Improving Works

Infinitest for Eclipse

Infinitest integrates seamlessly into the Eclipse IDE, allowing developers to detect bugs immediately as they work. Failure markers are displayed in the problems window, just like compile errors, so fixing tests becomes as natural as fixing syntax errors.

To Install Infinitest for Eclipse

  1. Copy the update url to your clipboard: http://update.improvingworks.com
  2. In Eclipse, choose the Help->Software Updates menu item
  3. Select the "Available Software" tab, and hit "Add Site…"
  4. Paste the update URL into the "Location" field, and hit "OK"
  5. Wait for a moment for the site to update, and then expand the site in the sites tree
  6. Choose the appropriate version of Infinitest by checking the box to the left, and hit "Install"